STARBORNE INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS & MANPOWER CORP. was formed to help you find the "right" candidate. We adhere to one simple philosophy; service to clients and service to workers. We have professionally trained and experienced consultants who are able to provide you with expert advise in human resource management. That is, from writing an appointment advertisement and identifying a potential candidate to long term monitoring and evaluation of the progress of the candidates.

Additionally, our human resource consultants are well versed in the laws, policies and practices of the United States, Middle East, UK and Asia. We have knowledge & experience to advise our clients in any of their manpower requirements.

STARBORNE INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS & MANPOWER CORP. aims to be at the forefront in the provision of Quality Human Resources and other labor related professional services thus promoting industrial harmony as the basis for consistent growth and strengthening of the Philippine Economy.


A successful business depends to a large extent on the caliber of the work force. All businesses strive to have the right people who are able to fit in to right position in order to provide work effectiveness and efficiency at a cost the organization can afford.

Therefore, careful human resource planning is becoming more important because of the high cost & time involved in recruiting, training and retaining high caliber personnel.

In good time or bad time, we can assist you with our total manpower recruitment services in order to permit you to have more time to effectively manage your core business. We have the expertise in providing you with total manpower services to fill all kinds of job position in your company.

We will ensure that your company obtains sufficient number of people with the skills, experience, values, and attitudes necessary to maintain and enhance your organizational performance.


The Client needs a Recruitment Agency that can provide professional and immediate service- a professional agency that will respond to its needs on an effective and timely manner. Among other things, the client requires manpower recruitment that is performed in a highly professional manner, a recruitment effort that is well planned, efficiently performed, carefully coordinated and regularly updated.

The Client also expects their recruitment agency to quickly and continuously respond with sound recommendations and advice on matters relating to the recruitment activities and future directions.

Sound and Qualified Candidates

The Client requires workers that adhere to the requirements as specified in the job description and specifications of the vacant posts.

Advice and Feedback

The Client needs professional consultation and advice on a timely basis on matters relating to current developments in Filipino manpower recruitment. Competitive workers salaries, policies/ pronouncements issued by the government agencies governing the industry, as well as general management concerns.

Quality Service

STARBORNE INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS & MANPOWER CORP. is committed to provide quality candidates, prepared to meet the professional service requirements of the client and will follow an uncompromising attitude on issues of ethics and professionalism.

The recruitment of workers shall be efficiently carried out so that it will be completed within the timetable at the most reasonable costs.


Proven Methods of Recruitment and Processing

STARBORNE INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS & MANPOWER CORP. has developed a system of procedures and tests that ensures good worker recruitment. The same systematic approach is likewise used in the processing of the workers travel documents. Our procedures in dealing with the government agencies are functional but simple designed to move a large number of workers as per a timetable.




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